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Honda Fuel Stabiliser


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Genuine Sta-Bil formula eliminates the need to drain fuel for engines stored longer than 60 days.

Run engine for approx. 5 minutes after adding the product to treat the entire fuel system. Best results are achieved with a fuel tank that is 95% full.

Sta-Bil is a blend of scientific additives which act together to prevent fuel from degrading and oxidising during prolonged storage.

Whilst natural evaporation of the fuel will still occur, the fuel stabiliser acts to protect the fuel by ensuring that the entire composition evaporated at the same rate, eliminating the variation that cause petrol to go stale.

Fuel that has been correctly treated should preform exactly the same as the day it was treated for up to 12 months or longer.

Key Features

  • Prevents rust, corrosion, and fuel deposits
  • Only 30ml required per 10L fuel – stays fresh for 12 months
  • Capacity: 118mml, treats up to 38L of fuel